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Dixon ZTR Zero Turn Mower

Dixon have been a driving force in mowers, particularly zero turn mowers for over 30 years. In 1974 Dixon acquired the patent to a mechanical transmission which would allow mowers to turn on their own axis. From that patent sprung the first zero turn mower, and Dixon's fortunesbeen on the rise ever since.

Dixon zero turn mowers are produced in Beatrice, Nebraska. Dixon mowers roll of the production line of an impressive 274,000 sq ft factory.

Dixon produce both a residential and a commercial line of zero turn radius mowers. The commercial lineup is headed by the mighty 'Grizzly' series of ZTRs, which some in deck sizes up to 72", with a choice of Kohler engines.

The middle ground is occupied by the 'Kodiak' series, which comes with a cutting deck of up to 60".

Last, but not least is the 'Black Bear' series which comes in deck sizes up to 44". Interestingly the Black Bear can come with a 34" deck, perfect for the commercial operator who works mainly in small or obstructed areas.

Dixon also produce a series of walk behind commercial zero turn mower called the 'Walkabout'. These mowers are perfect where a sit on mower just isn't practical, yet the operator demands the benefits of a zero turn radius.

Dixon's residential series of zero turn radius mowers share many of the features of their commercial breathern yet are designed for the homeowner. Topping this residential line-up is the 'Ram Ultra' series, which comes with a deck size up to 72" (fitted with a 27 HP Kohler engine). This series is aimed at the homeowner with a large estate. The comfy seat and over sized tire assure the rider a smooth ride, whilst features such as the heavy duty welded deck offers the ultimate peace of mind.

The 'Ram Mag' series occupies the middle ground of Dixon's residential zero turn mowers. Sharing many of the features of the Ram Ultra and its commercial counterparts the Ram Mag weighs in with up to a 50" deck.

Dixon's next offering is the 'Ram' series which offers all of the durability and reliability you would expect from a Dixon mower, but none of the frills of its more expensive counterparts. The Ram series aim to deliver the perfect blend of price and performance.

Dixon entry level mower is the 'Speedztr', which comes in deck sizes as small as 30". This is the perfect alternative for the homeowner with a smaller sized property, or a property with many obstacles to negotiate around. The Speedztr's small footprint will allow the operator to negotiate even the smallest spaces with ease.

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