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Gravely ZT 48HD Zero Turn Mower

Gravely ZT34 Zero Turn Mower

Gravely ZT50 Zero Turn Mower

Gravely Pro Stance 52 Stand On Zero Turn Mower 994112 ProStance

2014 Gravely Pro Turn 460 Zero Turn Mower 99223300 265 Kohler 1 hour Only

Gravely 2006 7 ZT23 48HD Zero Turn Mower

Mulch Kit Commercial Walk Mower 61 Stander Zero Turn Gravely 792616 79261600

Gravely Pro Turn 60 Zero Turn Mower 60 Commercial ZTR

Gravely Pro Turn 152 Zero Turn Mower 52 Commercial ZTR

The Gravely company was founded in 1916 by Benjamin Franklin Gravely.

Gravely was a man of vision blessed with a streak of creative genius. Bolstered by partner Eustance Rose, the two embarked on a project to make a tractor which would revolutionize lawn maintenance. A measure of Gravely's genius is that he secured an astonishing 65 patents during his lifetime.

In 1982 Gravely joined the Ariens company, the driving force behind many of today's top zero turn mower brands.

Gravely makes a wide range of highly respected commercial and consumer models of zero turn mowers, such as the recently released award-winning Gravely ZT 2450.

Gravely also has a Pro-Stance range of zero turn mowers. On these mowers the operator stands rather than sits, which offers a host of benefits such as improved maneuverability and much reduced footprint without compromising on blade length.

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