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Great Dane

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36 Great Dane Super Surfer Commercial Wright Stander Zero Turn Lawn Mower ZTR

52 Great Dane Surfer Stander Stand On Zero Turn Commercial Lawn Mower ZTR

48 Great Dane Super Surfer Stander Stand On Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mower ZTR

Looking for a Great Dane zero turn mower?

Founded in 1996, Great Dane mowers have a reputation as the professionals choice. Designed by Dane Scag, founder of both the Bob-Cat and Scag companies, Great Dane zero turn mowers have a remarkable pedigree.

Great Dane was acquired by the John Deere group in 2000. It was then acquired by Auburn Consolidated Industries in 2005. Production of Great Dane Zero Turn Mowers takes place in Auburn, Nebraska.

Great Dane is well known for its stand on range of zero turn mowers. Stand on zero turn mowers are popular for many reasons. One is that they are much smaller, yet have the same blade size. They can easily fit on the bed of a pickup truck for example.

The operator is also positioned forward of the axle, which helps stability and control.

The smaller size of stand on zero turn mowers also helps where space is an issue. Their smaller footprint means they can, for example, fit through small gates. They are also ideal for uses such as mowing parking medians and mowing smaller properties.

We feature a selection of used Great Dane mowers from a variety of dealers and individuals.

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