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Looking for a new or used Wright zero turn mower? We offer a wide range of deals on Wright zero turn mowers as well as specials from a whole host of other top manufacturers.

Wright WSZK61 61 Commercial Stand On Zero Turn Mower 31 HP Kawasaki Gas Motor

Wright Stander 52 Zero Turn Mower

Wright Stander 61 Zero Turn Mower 27hp Kawasaki Engine

Wright Sentar Sort of Stander Sit Down Hybrid 61 Cut Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Only 394 hours 36 Wright Stander Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mower stand on

36 Wright Stander RH Rapid Height Commercial Zero Turn Mower stand on ZTR 32

61 Wright Stander RH Sentar Sport X Commercial Zero Turn stand on Lawn Mower

52 Wright Stander Sport X Sentar Aero Core Commercial Zero Turn Mower stand on

52 Wright Stander X rapid height zero turn stand on commercial lawn mower ZTR

52 Wright Stander Rapid Height Commercial Zero Turn Mower Stand On

36 Wright Stander RH Sentar Sport Commercial Zero Turn stand on Lawn Mower

2014 Wright Zero Turn Mower 60 deck 27 Hp Kowaski Engine

Wright 52 Stander Stand On Riding Zero Turn Commercial Mower WSTX5224KAWE
$1,580.00 (25 Bids)

Wright Mfg. was founded in 1981 by Bill Wright. The first products produced by Wright were a series of premium grass catchers which aimed to solve the problem of grass catchers continuously falling apart.

Wright currently feature a very strong line-up of zero turn mowers. They are particularly well known for their series of stand on zero turn mowers. The Stander is a great example of an affordable stand on solution for the homeowner or commercial user wishing to move to zero turn technology. The Stander is available in a wide range of sizes from 32" to 61". The smaller size of the Stander series is perfect for easy transportation. The Stander series also have a great reputation for tackling hills. By standing the operator can shift his or her centre of gravity whilst traversing slopes.

Wright also produce the ride-on Wright Z which is a mid-mount zero turn mower. The Wright Z has an extremely compact design which means it is much lighter than its counterparts. This leads to a great reduction in rutting, as well as much easier transportation.

For those landscaping jobs which simply demand the flexibility of a walk-behind mower, Wright produce the Velke zero turn mower. They are designed to be used with a Velke Sulky which allows the operator to ride in comfort behind the mower.

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